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Originally Posted by livedarklions View Post
I'm carrying a cloth mask in my cell phone holder.
Carrying unused ones isn't hard, given lack of aero concerns I've got lots of volumetric capacity for things that are light

It doesn't get sweaty for the few minutes I'm in the store.
Given the sweat pours out in buckets even more when I stop than when riding, mine gets pretty sweaty just from being put on at all.

And even without the sweat, re-use after being stuffed in a bag really breaks all the rules about cross contamination from outside to in... I'll put a mask back on without washing if I can hang it up by the strap somewhere out of the way of others, otherwise not.

I'd rather not wear a mask just for appearances. And I'd rather not breathe though parts of the mask I've touched to fold, except under careful and clean conditions at home when bagging it for the first time - that seems somewhat worse (at least in personal risk) than not wearing one at all.

I've ridden 170 miles this wee in 90+ degree heat. The store stops were definitely necessary.
Would definitely agree.

Debating doing a short mid-day shopping run, I'll probably wear the mask the whole time (as on past rides in cooler temps) since some is on town trails where they are requested, kind of curious how sodden it will get. But I just can't imagine it hour after hour after hour in the sun.

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