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Originally Posted by unterhausen View Post
I'm hoping to get used to my hydration pack again. I have been riding in places where you can't get water.
I used to carry a lot of water but have been trying to minimize the amount of time I have any on my back in favor of bottles on the frame, as I find that it moves just enough enough side to side with pedaling to cause a chafing burn after many sweaty hours. Even putting chamois cream on my lower back, somewhere around a metric it really starts to sting and will be scaly and burned for a few days after. My idea now is to ride out of a refill stop with only one liter there, use it early and also try to only ever have it either completely full or empty to minimize sloshing.

So I'm hoping to do my distance rides lighter this year, not step any less often (though hopefully make the stops more quick and efficient). If it comes to it, at least a stack of masks doesn't slosh.

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