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Originally Posted by UniChris View Post
I think there are ways that some could be used safely, yes. But the people who control the season shutoff valves seem not to.

So it's another case of personal opinion being irrelevant - I can't decide I'm comfortable using a fountain, when they seem to all be turned off (have both been asking others about status, and trying ones I pass even if I don't intend to use water from them).

I'm glad to hear you are finding some on though!
I apologize, my reading comprehension was lacking.

To more constructively respond, there was a time when I was hot and REALLY wanted ice cold water so stopped at a corner store, put my N95 (the medical ones without the valve) and went inside, purchased two litters of water which I filled-up outside.

Everything went pretty well I'd say. Just gotta mask-up. It's the law in many places and for good reason, Japan, for example, actually credits the widespread use of masks with their low covid death rate.
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