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Originally Posted by Wilmingtech View Post
....................... I struggled to keep a cadence above 65 rpm on some of the hardest parts of the climb....................
Longer cranks do give you more leverage. However, I'll always go for shorter cranks just because I can maintain a high cadence more comfortably. I have a fairly low and aero position even when on the hoods. So longer cranks are going to be uncomfortable for me just in the extra little bit of shove they give my thighs as they push into my gut. Perhaps if set my bars a little higher, it would be different, but then I'd be wasting watts on long rides.

At the times you struggled to stay at 65 rpm:
  1. Was this for a significant amount of time?
  2. Did you have a lower gear you could have shifted to? If so, why didn't you?
  3. Do you struggle on your normal rides to keep a decent cadence on the hills you ride?
If you only had to struggle briefly when a grade suddenly got steep, then not a big deal. But if you don't have the gearing to let you maintain a decent cadence for the hills you regularly do, then you might want to change the front crankset, rear cassette or both.

Just remember when changing crank lengths, if you do go shorter, and you didn't have a low enough gear with the longer cranks, then you'll definitely be in trouble with shorter cranks.

Great that you did the ride and finished. Don't wait too long before doing another.
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