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Originally Posted by UniChris View Post
Indeed it is the law... and when done correctly it helps.

But it's hard to do masks correctly, especially in the more primitive hygiene situation of a ride.

How did you get the N95 there (and back) without sacrificing it to that single use?

I've got a p100 cartridge respirator, but the only way I could figure out to really preserve its life when using it for grocery shopping involved donning it in the unsweaty environment of a car, hauling back a real bounty for each incident of exposure, and carefully setting it down after. So after taking some early self-reliant joy in cycle based essentially shopping, when it became clear we really should be wearing masks I gave that up for car trips. Now after a move, borrowing a car means riding or walking halfway to the store anyway, so I've given in to concern fatigue enough to do more human powered shopping; but that pretty much means making do with washable or single use masks that offer far less inbound protection.

But in terms of this thread, the perhaps rhetorical question is the ultimate inability on a long enough ride to avoid going into a store for fluids while wearing a mask that you can carry there and beyond.

Today's experiment of late afternoon shopping in the next town over seems to confirm that wearing a fabric mask for long periods of riding in hot weather isn't going to stay effective - mine today managed six miles out, two stores, and six miles back but pretty much the instant I stopped moving at the door of my building and leaned over to fish out my keys it went fully saturated, and I could feel that I was only getting air from the resulting leakage around the edges - which of course only counts in security theater.
I'm not sure what you mean...

It was stored in my jersey pocket, I put it on, purchased the water, removed it, placed it back inside my jersey, and sanitized my hands. Keeping it stored inside a jersey does not "sacrifice" it.
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