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With regard to the usage of an N95 on a cycling ride...

Originally Posted by Ross520 View Post
I'm not sure what you mean...

It was stored in my jersey pocket, I put it on, purchased the water, removed it, placed it back inside my jersey, and sanitized my hands. Keeping it stored inside a jersey does not "sacrifice" it.
Sadly, you have demonstrated that the people who argued that the general public wouldn't know how to use PPE without contaminating it or themselves, have a point. Youtube is full of demonstrations of how to use one properly and attempt to preserve this single-use product for contingent re-use; it does not involve a jersey pocket.

The resigned compromise with "face coverings" (vs professional PPE) may be of the "well, at least your droplets aren't landing on others" sort.

But even something like a cloth mask that is primarily effective in protecting others from yourself, can still be personally hazardous, if you cross-contaminate the "clean" and "dirty" sides in re-use, handling, or storage. The people who ride with their mask down and pull it up when they see someone, or joggers who momentarily hold a bunched bandanna to their face... really don't get it, relying on distance alone would make more sense than that.

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