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Are there any booties/toe warmers that will work with non-cycling shoes?
Originally Posted by Falchoon View Post
My girlfriend likes to get out on her MTB but it's getting too cold for her, she said she couldn't feel her feet after riding this morning at 6.30.

She just wears normal sneakers (today with Explorer socks!) and doesn't want cleated cycling shoes.Talking temps at or below 0 degree Celsius (32 degree Fahrenheit).
Originally Posted by Pop N Wood View Post
I've had pretty good luck with neoprene toe warmers that go on the outside of the shoe.

You can get ones that go inside the shoe as well

You really just need something to block the wind. Duct tape works, bu not as well at the neoprene ones. I've read posts claiming wrapping your socks in aluminum foil works great as well
I have previously posted about using Totes shoe covers, with additional Gore-Tex wrap-around covers for added warmth
Originally Posted by Jim from Boston View Post
This past Monday (12/30/13) I did my 14 mile commute at about 15F and tried a new set of foot coverings that IMO that kept my feet significantly warmer than usual. In the past I had bought a pair of neon green shoe covers made by Gore-Tex, for wet riding.

During the winter, I use platform pedals with toeclips, and my usual footwear is thin and thick socks, running shoes and Totes rubber overshoes. I use plastic bags over my running shoes to put on the Totes more easily (see the sequence below).

So with the additional Gore-Tex shoe coverings at 15F, I did not perceive cold until about mile 10, and I did not feel cold in the sense of permeating the soft tissues of my foot until about mile 12, but it was tolerable.

At about mile 12 I have a downhill run of several hundred yards that irreversibly drains the heat from my extremities. The next day at 21F, I rode without the Goretex, and started feeling cold at about mile 9 and finished significantly colder at my mile 14 destination than the day before.
Consider also the use of plastic bags over the socks as an additional layer.

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