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Giant Crosscut sidewall leaking

Have had trouble since day one with the rear tire leaking a bit at the bead. Finish Line sealant might be to blame. Last few weeks I started to notice damp spots on the sidewall of one side of the rear wheel, as well as some damp spots down in the tread. Started to drop quite a bit of air the last few days. Today I was going to go for a ride and I was down 15 pounds from yesterday. There was white Finish Line bubbles on the sidewall. I pumped up to 65 pounds, and watched the sealant coming out around the rim again, and all along the sidewall. In many spots it was bubbling air right through the sealant. 2200 kilometers on the tires and run them at 55 psi rear and 50 front.

I live in a fairly large city but the only tires in stock at any of the shops are Gravel King sk's in 38 mm. For the expense I would like to install tan sidewall tires and have not settled on a brand yet.

Do you think the tire, which two hours later has stopped bubbling will be safe to ride out in the boonies while I wait weeks on end for new tires, or should I just have the Gravel Kings installed.

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