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Out of curiosity, how old are you? I have an interest in foot issues and I'm theorizing that most foot issues start to materialize for men after their 30's. I say "materialize" because it's likely that the cause of the issue is likely starting way before then, but the pain doesn't happen until we start getting old and falling apart

If you can get 3 hours out of a ride w/o foot pain issues, I think you're still doing pretty good! How is the toe box of your shoes in relation to the width of your foot? Are your toes "scrunched" or do you have wiggle room in the toe box?

The base of my big toes started aching in my 40s and after doing some experimenting, I'm convinced the issue was caused by the standard shoe having a pointy toe box that caused my big toes to point inward (towards the other toes) rather than allowing the toe to splay like it's naturally supposed to. I've noticed that I almost never have this pain wearing my normal street shoes that all have a very wide toe box, but I still get the pain occasionally when biking because I have yet to find a bicycle shoe that has a natural foot shape.

Pretty much all cycling shoes I've ever seen are shaped like the shoes on the left. As you can see, one's toes are often "squished" for hours on end in an unnatural position and over time, joint issues like bunions can occur.

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