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Originally Posted by Russ Roth View Post
First thing, toss a different wheel on there and see if the noise is still present, if it isn't then you have to look at the bike and find where the noise is traveling from otherwise..
If it looks true its not likely a spoke, give pairs of spokes a light squeeze, if they feel uniform its probably not them. Pull the wheel off, remove the skewer(if it was real easy to flip open its a possible source) and spin the axle and see how it feels; if it has cartridge bearings I would first suspect one of these, I'd also remove the axle and feel the bearings if possible. If the cartridges feel good or its loose ball and they feel lubricated, spoke tension is consistent and the skewer wasn't loose I've got no clue.
The wheel in question is thru-axle. Unfortunately I only have one thru axle wheel to try. Will have to take it off and spin it on the thru axle to see what I can find out.

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