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Wahoo Kickr Headwind disconnects and drops

Not sure if I mentioned it, but at the same time of acquiring the Kickr bike I purchased the Wahoo Kickr Headwind. That is the Wahoo fan solution.
The headwind runs in 3 modes.
1. Manual - you set the speed using the app or the manual buttons on the front of the fan.
2. Tied to a Wahoo Tickr heart rate monitor (HRM). The faster you beat, the harder the fan blows.
3.Tied to a Wahoo Kickr. The faster you virtually travel the faster the fan blows.

Since new I've been able to bind (connect) both the Tickr X or the Bike to the fan, but only at very close range.
After moving the fan to 3' in front of the bike, the connection drops.
The fan if on and in sleep mode, it should wake up if a bound Kickr or Tickr come online, this it has never done.

I've been waiting for a firmware update to fix this.... crickets.
Wahoo didn't indicate it was firmware, I just procrastinated and ran the fan in manual mode.

Now with all these Intervals, a dynamic fan tied to my HRM is really appealing.

Opened a support ticket with Wahoo and did some research on my own.
Using the iPhone App LightBlue you can monitor Bluetooth (BT) devices that are close by.
Found that at 15 feet range, the Headwinds BT signal was significantly weaker (21dB) than that of the Kickr Bike.
Wahoo support was it's usual helpful and efficient self, and replacement is being shipped.
I could have chosen to return mine first, then they would ship replacement. Instead I guaranteed a cross-ship with a credit card.
Once the new one arrives I'll use their packaging materials to return mine.

I will keep you informed.


Wahoo support is great.
The replacement Headwind arrived quickly will detect the HRM from 16' away and stays connected throughout the ride. Great.
Sorry for the delayed update.

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