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Wow, so many BS web sites out there... microwave...

OK, I am not asking for help. I have done this before, and have a strong technical background.

What this is, is a rant about the plethora of BS web sites out there that appear to offer help, manuals, parts and links, and instructions. OMG, it is a mindfield for the uninitiated.

In my case, I was hoping to verify the part and order it before I "dive in..." but I see I already have more knowledge and experience (with other brands, but similar construction microwaves) to simply open this up, determine the part number and get the part, much as I did before.

But to anyone else... good luck... so many websites, so little time and/or good info. So yeah, the web is full of misleading ads, seemingly helpful "manual" and parts sites, but... not really. Just pages and pages of misdirection and empty "give us your data" sites.

Well, off to get my screwdriver, and special bits... later.
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