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FWIW though, there's a logical limit to size and power. The curve on "more weight more power" doesn't keep going linearly forever.

Go look at the pack at almost any race. Especially the podium. There's upper limits on how useful your added weight and matching added power can get you. You don't really get faster being a fatty just for the sake of being a fatty thinking that the extra food and mass will yield endless power figures.

It's only a couple data points, but any weeknight worlds or race I've ever done that has any kind of "hill feature" that's steeper than 6% and longer than 45 seconds or so......the "big boys" wind up dragging ass up to the re-group stop sign a good bit behind. By big boys I don't mean a "Sagan" or even a trackie sprinter like Ed Clancy aren't even freaking 80kg. I'm talking the beer and pizza groupies more at 90 to 100kg.

For somebody that is a Cat 4/5 racer or slower, I still think weight management is a big deal.

And weight on a bike ain't going to cut it if you're 100kg's. That's one lousy kg perhaps out of 100. Laying off the pizza and beer will net you 10 to 20 kg's.

Have kids and pull a bike trailer when they're young and about 25 lbs or so and see how it feels to pull that up a hill!!!!! Then imagine having to do that every hill when riding in your races or groups!
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