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Just for grins... Here I am crewing on the race boat I was with for a number of years... Not my boat. My boat is a slow cruiser...

This was from a pic in the boat owners office. I am the 4th guy back in what is known as "hotbox" position... getting ready to control the tacklines and halyards during a sail change. The guy in white, at the mast is the "mastman" about to haul up the spinnaker. The guy in red at the bow is the "bowman," (has to bring the beer) and is critical for not only ensuring that the sail change is ready to go, but he also calls the starts as we approach the line. He's a damn good tactician too. The number 3 guy, in blue is on the mainsheet... former college quarterback... with lots of strength in his arms. Skipper isn't visible. Neither is the guy in the "sewer," who controls the spin when dousing.

This is "one design" racing, all the boats are the same, the crews, and boats are weighed. The sails are documented and registered. The idea is that the race is won by the most competent skipper and crew... there are no other "advantages." Otherwise known as "Corinthian Racing." Races are won and lost by seconds.

The boats in the background ARE that close. When rounding marks, upwind and downwind, you can practically walk from boat to boat.

I have raced on a number of boats over the years... and honestly, this one design racing was the best kind of competition. These are J-105s.

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