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best times for gwl and palomar are any time of year. have ridden both in every month of the year with careful weather following.

you can ride great western loop/great western divide any time of year by either going (early) early or later. area rarely sees snow. wind is more problematic.
involves the occasional weather app focus on descanso, alpine, jamul and campo (always bleeping windy af)) and averaging them all together.

palomar somewhat the same. palomar is the wettest spot in the county, nearby santa ysabel can get hotter/colder than semi-close areas.
adjacent ranchita to the east is supposed the windiest area in sd county. if riding up palomar, i'll weather app julian, palomar mtn, santa ysabel
warner springs and ranchita and average them all together as well. wind can be an issue here-shocking. palomar seems to be most open late
march-early nov.

my absolute fave rides in socal are the mountain/desert (or vice versa) rides that generally seem to be best last week of feb-first two weeks of april
and last two weeks of october-first two weeks of november. you're dealing with 3k-5k elevation loss/gain both ways and so many climate zones of diversity.
involves bringing/shedding extra layer(s) and knowing where your support lies.

fave scenic "country" ride in the entire county (or must-do ride) is the laguna/cuyamaca triangle ride. just under 50 miles and 5k of climbing.
start at the descanso/8 fwy parking lot, ride towards pine valley, ascend si/sunrise hwy and continue all the way to the junction to ca hwy 79.
hang a left and (mostly) descend the 20 miles back to the start. you knock out a vast majority of the climbing earlyish.

with a little planning and proper timing, pretty much all san diego county rides are reasonably doable 70-75% of the year.

san diego, and socal in general, are (in)famous to transplants/visitors for having exactly zero seasonality. whatever.
you can keep your nihilistic temperature variables, your wintertime chills, summer humidity and your 2.5 weeks of leaves changing colors.
we ain't cheap and we know our worth. enjoy your faux manse elsewhere.
there's a reason why california is the most populous state and 90%+ of it has to do with people from differing climes saying "to hell with that."

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