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FulGaz FTP Program - Keen

Here we go again...

FulGaz FTP Program - Keen
The sessions in the "Keen" program are ~40% longer and I suspect a bit more demanding.

Week1 Day1 - Recover from weekend. Do nothing, tomorrow lets FTP test (again)
Week1 Day2 - FTP Test.... FAILED! Had hoped to top Saturdays FTP of 144W, didn't happen. Not feeling it today and caved halfway up the hill. I'll use Saturdays result.
This undulating hill is bugging me. I'd rather fight a constant resistance on the FTP tests. This one keeps changing the slope. Realistic, yes, necessary, NO.
I'm going to override the FulGaz/Kickr varying slope with the Wahoo Bolt in Level mode. The Watts will still report accurately to the FulGaz FTP test, I just don't have to keep Fing with the gears while riding.

Week1 Summary - The Keen program has longer sessions and more intense. 60+mins and 172W peaks are the new norm. Some of the rest periods are not nearly "rest" enough and I'm coasting or not making the 100 cadence I'm being asked for. One week down, eleven more to go. I did manage an outdoor ~40miles (my longest) on Sunday. Felt good right up to where the 100F heat melted me. Nowhere to refill bottles is an issue.

Week2 Summary - These longer sessions are taxing. I've been taking the optional "Easy Outdoor ride" days off, to better recover the legs. Though I did manage my first 50 miler in ~40 years, on Sunday.
The FulGaz ERG mode bug persists, stopping me turning off ERG. This is still forcing me to take 30 second rest periods rather than just reducing my wattage to a manageable level.

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