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I use Tiki torch brand fuel(99% white mineral oil/aka paraffin oil) @$13.99 /gal from home depot with plain jane food grade "gulf wax" melted paraffin from most supermarkets in a dedicated chitnzy rice cooker I think I paid $15 for, and I never ever use soy, palm or beeswax(and I'm a beekeeper!). Beeswax attracts impurities faster, is softer at first and it also hardens less uniformly and changes its elasticity per heat/reheat cycle. YMMV, but my k.i.s.s. formula has worked real well for me once I'd heard about chainwaxing. Also before you ask, no the citronella scent does not keep skeeters at bay, lol

You mentioned your wax, what's your pre-wax cleaning regimen like? I put the chain in a sealed glass jar I've held onto for a few chain cleanings now, w/diesel fuel @100:1 with 2 cycle oil added(just seems to work a little better than straight diesel but I can't 100% verify that, just my own trial and error), and it strips the old gunk and wax out with that mix quite well, the filth i get out is impressive!! Then I run it in my(chitnzy & cheap) $25 ultrasonic cleaner with hot water, a small drop of dish detergent and simple green for 2 eight minute cycles(the longest it can go). I towel dry, then put it in my toaster oven on 250 for about 5-ish minutes without preheating(warms up chain and flashes off any residual moisture), only then putting it into the wax. Again, my riding style etc makes a big difference, but completely and utterly stripping the chain of any and all old wax deposits/contaminants, then going to a simple wax mix has worked stunningly well for me.

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