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Originally Posted by Litespud View Post
best way to check if a chainring is flat is to remove it and place it against a sheet of glass, a mirror, or similar. If the ring is flat, then the problem lies with your crankset or BB. Donít know an easy way to test for a bent crank, but if you remove it, you might be able to see a bent BB spindle by spinning it
Sure sort of, But this check is based on a non reality. As said the real world of a ring is as it's mounted on the crankset. So it doesn't really mater whether the ring is flat when off the crank arms. You have to deal with the world you are in.

It's pretty common to align rings while spinning the cranks while using the ft der or a piece of tape standing off the frame as an indicator. Whether one bends the ring or the spider arms is the trick. Also how.

One can bend the ring or arm in or out with various levers or impacts. Or twist the ring between the arms with two tools. Rather simple blacksmithy but takes some practice to become comfortable in doing whatever improvements can be had. And that's the take away. Not all rings are able to be perfectly aligned but a lot can be made better. Andy
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