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Basically here is the problem, you can have a lubed chain, or you can have a clean chain, but not both. The lube needs to have the ability to move around in the joints of the chain, as it's pushed away from pressure points it needs to flow back, which means it has to have some fluid properties, it's called Thixotropy, the ability to be a solid or a liquid depending on pressure. Solid wax lubes for a little while, but eventually is pushed away from the friction points.
I use Putoline Chain Wax, which is a commercial chain wax for motorcycle chains. It seems to have some lanolin in it, going on the smell. It's a bit sticky and it's black, probably from some moly additive, so there goes your nice clean chain and cassette. But.... it works extremely well, on tour I get maybe 800-1000 miles before I need to put a few drops of some kind of lube on the chain to quieten it down, not squeaking, just not completely silent. It also makes the chain last super long. The links are full of grease, so there's no room for anything else in there.
You could probably add some lanolin grease but not the moly to make your own more fluid wax that's clear. But it comes with the turf that some stuff is gonna stick to it if it's effective. Seems that lanolin grease is easy to find here in Australia, probably because we have shedloads of sheep, Like Inox-Lanox MX4 grease, Lanotec and many other brands.
Incidentally I've got much better results melting wax in an electric skillet. I paid $10 from a charity shop. It's much quicker than a crock pot/slow cooker and much more controllable because of the thermostat. You do have to make sure you don't set the thermostat too high and wander off, just like cooking French fries.. You can also make a wire mesh rack that fits over the wax and under the lid. Once you've waxed the chain it can be sat on the rack above the wax, so any excess can drain back in the hot air above the wax.

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