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Rather than hot wax, I use paraffin dissolved in naphtha (camp stove fuel). I also add automotive gear lube to the paraffin. If paraffin is melted and as much as 30% gear lube added to it, the oil will remain mixed after the paraffin cools and hardens. When I make my lube, I pour the melted mixture into the naphtha, so it dissolves quickly. The ratio of solvent to paraffin can be as little as 3/1, but it may require a temperature around 80 degrees to have a water like viscosity. The bottle of lube may need to be placed in hot water to liquify it. I've used as much as a 6/1 mixture that stays liquid at lower temperatures, but that has a lot less paraffin in it.

I relube after 150 miles or three rides, to be sure that I never get chain squeak. Lubing takes only a couple of minutes with no chain removal required.

I would never use paraffin oil. It's really a solvent with no lubricating value. Put some in an open container and it will eventually evaporate. Lubricating oil does not evaporate.

Chain life is very good with this lube.

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