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Originally Posted by RGMN View Post
I use the UltraFast recipe for my wax (1 pound of food-grade paraffin wax with a melting point of approx 130F, 5g pure Teflon (PTFE) 3-micron powder, 1g pure MoS2 sub-micron powder) which is pretty much the same as Molten Speed Wax. I get at least 300 miles on the chains before they start to get noisy. Are you getting the wax to 200degF, and allowing the chain to get to the same temperature? And are you agitating the chain in the liquid wax? I usually find that I get a lot of air bubbles coming out once I agitate the chain. After that I let it sit until the wax temp gets back to 200 degF. Just before pulling the chain out I'll agitate it again, more to mix up the MoS2 as it tends to settle out, then pull the chain and let it cool. Molten Speed Wax's swisher tool works really well for handling the chain.
I think I will start with a fresh batch of Molten Speed Wax. I did buy a candy thermometer that I was going to use to check the wax temperatures, maybe it is time to start using it. I do agitate the chain in the liquid wax and I do use the MSW swisher tool which I agree works really well.
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