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Originally Posted by WizardOfBoz View Post
Good Heaven's Dr. I! That's quite a lineup.

I have a packages of MSW that I've not used. Just never got to it. Right now, I just use the DuPont spray-on lube that has PTFE (actually, it has genuine Teflon(R) brand PTFE!). I guess (to judge by the THREE crockpots, resumably for wax) that you're a real fan of dipping into molten wax. What are the trade-offs that you find most compelling using a molten wax plus additive approach vs a dry spray on or even a petroleum based oil? Vs the effort involved in removing and cleaning the chain?
For me, the wax is 100% about cleanliness. Any differences in efficiency or chain life are so minor as to be insignificant for me. But I never have to degrease a drivetrain, no more pulling the cassette to scrub the cogs in the sink. A pickle jar full of solvent to strip the factory lube, and that's it. Nothing needs to be cleaned after that. The Elite Gourmet pot is full of MSW, the silver Little Dipper is my homebrew blend (like the big puck with the handle sticking out of it on the bench) and the black one is Runaway Bike Hot Tub wax. I'm constantly tinkering with my waxes, trying to get a little more longevity or a little less flaking.

As a somewhat accomplished hot waxer, if I were to give a recommendation to a typical rider, it would be to just use Smoove. IMO, it's the best chain lube in a bottle. Sure, the MucOff stuff will literally last thousands of miles and makes a dead silent chain, but also generate a black mess so intense it looks like the cassette fell in a tar pit (same for ProGold Xtreme.) The Smoove is quiet, easy to use, and lasts as long as any other wax. I've gone to just dipping my chains once a month, and "refreshing" as needed with Smoove. I mean, when I had just one bike I was dipping once a week, no complaints. Once the SSCX bike came along, pulling that chain for waxing became a serious hassle, and I started looking for alternatives again. That's how I ended up with a bottle of Smoove.

For dipping-- which I won't be giving up, as the cost-effectiveness and cleanliness cannot be beat-- I think the stuff from Runaway Bike is better than MSW. Controversial opinion, but I think the Runaway Bike guys have a better blend-- or at least a blend not leaning towards "racy," and more towards "I just want a clean drivetrain that I don't have to futz with that often." Cheaper, too, if you're into that.
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