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Originally Posted by DaveSSS View Post
Rather than hot wax, I use paraffin dissolved in naphtha (camp stove fuel). If paraffin is melted and as much as 30% gear lube added to it, the oil will remain mixed after the paraffin cools and hardens. When I make my lube, I pour the melted mixture into the naphtha, so it dissolves quickly. The ratio of solvent to paraffin can be as little as 3/1, but it may require a temperature around 80 degrees to have a water like viscosity. I've used as much as a 6/1 mixture that stays liquid at lower temperatures, but that has a lot less paraffin in it.
I would never use paraffin oil. It's really a solvent with no lubricating value. Put some in an open container and it will eventually evaporate. Lubricating oil does not evaporate.
Good call on the naptha/white gas! Zippo brand lighter fuel is also almost pure naptha, and I've often used it as a solvent to resoften old paste wax from kiwi or any other brand of shoe wax that's dried out. My hotwax mix is also usually around 30ish% oil.

However, as far as the usage of it vs mineral oil they're both petroleum VOC distillate byproducts of crude oil refining, just with different carbon chainblocks. To your points though, Naptha actually evaps in air faster than paraffin oil and has a lower specific heat capacity, as paraffin oil has a higher carbon blockchain so it actually holds in suspension with the wax longer and would *technically* be the better choice betwixt the two for a lubricant/solvent combo. So to say one has no value I respectfully disagree with: it's akin to saying it's all English stems from the same source but English with a Southern U.S. accent is better because it's more easily discerned than a Kiwi vs Aussie vs Afrikaaner accent

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