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Originally Posted by Clythio View Post
Hello - I'm used to spend a big part of my training, indoor, even when I was only on the road racing (up to 2016).
I have a nice roller (last gen InsideRide eMotion) which I use for recovery, endurance or heavy gear seated efforts (road things), and a dumb (not "smarted") Kurt Kinetic Road Machine permanently equipped with a fixed alu bike, for standing starts (I have a hub powermeter on this old alu bike).

But I need a direct drive/smart trainer for all other kind of efforts, since it's rock solid, accurate on power measurements, and capable of holding real standing sprint efforts - simulating flying sprints, lets say.

Putting aside things like SRM bikes, Cycleops spinning devices (I know Carleton advices, but it's impossible to find here in Brazil), and Wattbike (costs like $4000-$5000 here), and considering I want to keep "a bike" connection - real handlebars, frame, seat feelings, etc., I'm thinking about these Elite, Wahoo, Tacx, Cycleops on the market.
The Tacx Neo is too flexible (read lots of reviews and watched videos), Wahoo I've read a lot of problems, from Elite I had two other models, and a lot of problems with calibration, interface, power values accuracy, etc.,... and I'm looking toward to the Cycleops Hammer, that seems to be very solid and reliable on power values - I'm a Powertap user since 2005.

Any suggestions, of personal experience reports, are welcome.
The Canadian National Track team all use Wahoo Kickr. I have used it for 4 years and it has been 100% reliable.
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