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7 speed Accushift is a bit of a dead end because it only sometimes seems to work with parts from other brands. 7 speed accushift also can be expensive to source. If you do start to replace components, ditch accushift wholesale. You already have a nice suntour indexed drivetrain, I see no reason to spend more money on suntour stuff. Go to shimano 9 or 10 speed for a new drivetrain if you want to upgrade your stuff.

For the moment I would focus on getting your shifting working. Depending on how the bike has been stored, that could mean replacing cables/housing because of rust. Personally, when I buy a decades old bike off craigslist and it seems to be all original, I always give it new cables/housing. If the shifting is still crappy, perhaps do some sleuthing to see if it's because of a single component. But your stuff looks pretty new. I bet it'll be fine given a full overhaul and tuneup. Oh yeah, and that new chain.
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