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Originally Posted by Dayz23 View Post
Hey thanks for the info, that 1000 looks beautiful.

So if I did want to replace components that are part of accushift what can I choose from ?
Thank you!

Do you mean what specific components?

IMO/IME and all that... if you're not dorky into the whole Suntour component hierarchy- Stay with XCE- it's good stuff. The performance will not improve noticeably, the weight *may* come down a bit, and you might think the upper level parts are prettier.

I'm all dorky about old Suntour stuff- so to me, I kind of dig the prestige (if just for myself) of having the top of the line stuff- XC Pro was the flagship component group. XC Comp was under that.

My personal opinion- it's not worth it to go through the expense and effort of hunting down parts that would be clean enough for your bike for little to no improvement for something you don't particularly care about while you have a set of REALLY clean examples of a good group.

I would strongly suggest you ride it for a while- it's a cool group, in really nice shape, and IMO- Accushift works well when it's working as a unit without trying to fit SIS parts into it.

When I got my M1000LT- some of the parts were scuffed/missing so I was going to upgrade it to M735 XT, I accidentally found an XTR M900 FD... so I did the derailleurs and seat post in XTR, an XT crank and kept the Deore brakes and 600 bar end shifters.
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