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Originally Posted by BiciMan View Post
Sorry, MadKaw, but nonsense: you can get run over doing 55 in many areas -especially since Carter . This is the motor state, and 70mph is the usual limit, with 75 available from mid-Michigan to the North. And that's posted: people do 80 routinely on most of the many interstate routes, and there are fewer speed traps here than in most states, including neighboring states (except in and through Livonia, a serious speed-RISK zone). Moreover, there is not a single toll road in the state, unlike every neighboring state, except Wisconsin. Bridges and tunnels are the only places you'll pay tolls: Mackinaw to the upper peninsula, and to and from Canada.

I drive to Toledo often, down I-23, but I've never ridden my bike there, or even part of that; so, I can't help the OP.
BTW, you cannot do 80 to Toledo, from anywhere.
How do you figure that what I said is nonsense? I said you'll not find significant sections of road posted under 55 mph. While there are some disconnected sections of road in the Tecumseh area posted 45, you're not going to make a route going anywhere out of them. Apparently you are talking about the speeds people drive—and Michigan is famous for speeding—wasn't the original question, nor was that addressed in my comment.
Please read more carefully before calling "nonsense".
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