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Originally Posted by MinnMan View Post
I agree- the general level of science literacy in this country is abysmal. The idea that "natural" has been used so extensively as a marketing synonym for "wholesome" probably hasn't helped.

There's nothing unnatural about any of this. Lots of natural things are both complicated and malicious.
+1 But ... there is nothing malicious about this, just another life form doing its best to thrive in the world it happens to live in. As I've said in another thread, I see the virus a little like I see fruit flies. It's here, they're here. If I leave old fruit out on the counter, guess what? They're back! If I keep the kitchen clean. not an issue. This virus isn't very different. To avoid transmission only requires a little attention to physical realities. Masks, distance, quarantine and hand washing. Any one of the first three works. Every country that has done one of those rigorously has seen the spread drop to almost zero.
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