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Originally Posted by jack pot View Post
... a TANGELO is organic but it did not come to be without "assistance" it and other examples show that hybridizing is a human endeavor. i only ask that, on a probability scale of 1-100 the chances of a COVID occurring sans human assistance would be... ? BTW i am not advocating one way or the other i just think it's odd how little real info exists about the genesis of this virus in circumstances where this virus is dominating world affairs.

Originally Posted by Wikipedia

Originally Posted by Wikipedia
In 2011, a troop of baboons were attracted to the higher sweetness of a new likely mutation in a Minneola planting in Cape Town, South Africa, prompting its propagation.[4]
...many of the fruit varieties we grow commercially are the result of either chance mutation (AKA "sporting"), or of unplanned and undocumented crossing, discovered in an orchard somewhere. Thus the Red Delicious apple was born, and its various sports have come to pass. Your premise is flawed.
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