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So far, some great info coming from out of everywhere. So, my personal story related to MAFAC Racer centerpulls is set in the context of when I came to real 10 speed bicycling, which meant 1982, my first year in college, and a move to a city big enough to have bicycle shops. I don't recall seeing any MAFAC Racers on any new bicycles by that time, nor did anyone I rode with have them installed... but we all had pretty new bicycles. I remember seeing them on bicycles that came into repair, after I started working at the bicycle shop, circa 1985. By then, sidepulls had become the normal, "looks correct" fashion in brakes, though very entry level bicycles probably still had Weinmann or Dia Compe centerpulls. Even Weinmann's and Dia Compe's centerpulls made MAFAC brakes look heavy, unnecessarily complex, and thus dated (all in my innocent uneducated knowledge at the time) . The head mech at the shop told me that "they were hard to adjust correctly, and squealed", which didn't bode well for me either. Now, many people here really swear by them, if they're not swearing at the squeals they make. I hope to hunt down a pair of them, and give them a squeeze... but I did want context into when they were prevalent, and where one could expect them to be used. So far, I'm getting a "French bicycle, up to late 70's" vibe for when/where they are appropriate.
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