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Originally Posted by 3alarmer View Post
...and your premise is still flawed.
... you could have just as easily stated you are 85% sure that it is a naturally occurring pathogen because ________________ . you should note that i am open to ALL view points. i started the thread solely to demonstrate how illiberal most self proclaimed liberals actually are. right on cue MINNIMUSman falsely alarms you by accusing me of posting russian propagandanext you give me apples and i wanted tangelos lastly you mis apply this argumentum ad ignorantiam label by treating my inquiries as an attempt shift the burden of proof in an instance when im not trying to prove anything !? the liberal-illiberal dichotomy should not be lost on you. the only voice that matters to an illiberal is his own. MINNIMUS has no facts at his disposal with which to engage so he snarks in an echo chamber of snarkers and crowns himself snark king for a day. i post to learn what others think and to the extent of this thread to datei i have learned that no one considers COVID a hybridization. i am neither joyed or dismayed by this but i am disappointed that for all the posed liberal anti trump BS that floats around here few seem to recognize that they are just a MAGA cap removed from being what they like to hate on btw what do you have against walter swingle
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