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Originally Posted by Pouhana View Post
Who will transfer the pathogen from asymptomatic children to the nearest nursing home?

If you had thoracic surgery or expertise in diseases of the lungs, you would agree if there are no symptoms, there is no coughing and discharge of droplets carrying the virus.
There seem to be reports of people who are fully asymptomatic spreading the disease. It is hard to discern for sure, or how the disease is spread. Did they take their temperatures regularly?

Singing and probably yelling seems to be forceful enough to spread the virus. Ever hear kids shout or yell? Laugh?

If one can get the virus by touching one's mouth or face, one can probably spread it in the same manner. Chewing a pen or pencil?

As winter comes along, kids will get the "common cold", "allergies", and perhaps even the flu (influenza). Irritant sneezing? How many parents will ignore a mild case of COVID as probably something else?

Will kids be sent to school when they probably should have been kept home?

Yep, I was one of those in the past that would rather go to work or school when I knew I was sick, but felt more of a responsibility to go to work than to stay home.
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