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Originally Posted by cudak888 View Post
I can't say for sure, but there's two possibilities: These were installed at the factory like rivnuts, and they can't be tightened, or they have D-nuts inside the bars.

If they are actually nutted - and if you think you can re-coil the return springs after loosening their tension - I'd undo the nut at the end of each linkage to slide the rod out. If you can re-tighten these pivot supports, do so, then reinstall the rod to keep them in place.

In an ideal world, I'd dribble Loctite down into the threads, but I wouldn't dare risk undoing one (given that I don't know how much thread they have) only for the D-nut to go flying around the inside...

I disassembled a wrecked handlebar once, just to see how it was built. It had the D-nuts inside and I wondered how they put them there... Now I could try to tighten them, but I think 1/2 turn would be too much.
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