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Iride01 That's funny you mention that, he asked, "WHy are you trying to get your heart rate so high? What exactly are you trying to do on your bike, is this competitive." I told him not exactly though I had raced in the past and would like to race in the future, but essentially I enjoyed riding really hard. I don't think he understood. I'm certain I've never had a heart attack. I've never felt pain or errant heart beats. Just tightness, and a overwhelming need to stop when I know I'm nowhere close to max. My HR hit 190 in a race a few years ago, and if I'm really fired up 180 is possible. Though typically it's around 177. Once my HR breaks past the 145-155 barrier and I'm feeling good it's not usually a problem other than the usual wonderful feeling of burning lungs and burning legs.

Carbonfiberboy Yeah we've talked in the past. Extended warm ups usually help me alot. For example the other day I was going for a 20 minute ftp test and ten minutes in I gave up, felt like my chest was going to implode. I pedaled at 50 watts for about 5 minutes. Then cautiously started another effort. Second effort had avg HR of 165 and 265 watts. I felt amazing, I could have kept going but had to stop at a stop light. My wife is a nurse and takes my blood pressure for me, and we have one of the little automatic devices too. I do stay hydrated. I may just try some pushups LOL. Be alot cheaper. The general solution would be a 30 minute warmup followed by an all out effort until failure, rest and then get on with it.
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