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Torque center of a disc brake wheel shifts from the axle the wheel rotates around,

to the brake pads where they are grabbing the disc, when you apply the brakes. so its less likely to eject a wheel

when the force arc around that axis meets a closed end rather than an open one..

Not done often , but if the disc brake caliper were placed on the front of the right fork blade,

when you apply the brakes, the forces are pushing the wheel axle into the fork tip, not out of it,
as it is on a downward facing opening on most fork tips.

Keep your Front QR Skewer Tight & the Lawyer's Lips fork tips should be sufficient to keep the wheel from being ejected...

also put the QR lever on the side opposite the disc unlike either picture you show.

People have closed the QR lever into the disc, then sued the bike company because they did that..


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