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Disc braking forces will tend to remove the wheel with downward facing dropouts. That Jamis must have some fairly robust lawyer lips. Some disc dropouts face forwards quite a bit. Looks weird, but it works.

Originally Posted by Moe Zhoost View Post
Technical note: Those are not dropouts, they are fork ends. Dropouts are used in the rear to allow removing the wheel without derailing the chain.
Not in the U.S., maybe in the U.K.

Rear dropouts, fork/front dropouts. Look on any framebuilding supply website.

Originally Posted by shelbyfv View Post
Another reason disc brake bikes should have thru axles. And I'm sure they will once the manufacturers use up the old QR forks.
This can't be why Jamis is using QR, all that stuff is made new every year. Jamis is weird though. I suspect it costs a little more to make a decent TA fork because you can just slap something together for QR forks and bend it into shape, whereas TA has to be built better to begin with. Although I have seen some really misaligned TA drops and there isn't much you can do about it. Particularly on the rear of a low-end aluminum Trek.

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