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Originally Posted by dsaul View Post
The second example is a correctly oriented dropout slot for a disc brake fork. It prevents the rotational force from the disc rotor from ejecting the axle from the slot under braking. The first example is normal for non-disc forks and is apparently still being used because that's the way it was always done in the past. Its not inherently dangerous with a properly secured QR, but forward facing dropouts are safer.

By the way, I build forks and the term used by all parts manufacturers for the pictured part is "dropout". The slot orientation has nothing to do with the fork axle offset, which is erroneously referred to as "trail" by many in the cycling industry. .
Thanks so much for this extremely important information. Learning so much from all of you. Being 350 lbs., do you think I should get thru-axles, or will the forward facing dropouts be sufficient? Will be riding mainly on paved streets, but with a fair amount of potholes.

Looks like I'm staying away from the Jamis Hudson Series with the rigid fork. There's a cheaper model though (with the same fork obviously), but it has RIM BRAKES... Maybe that'll work?
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