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When you come to a fork in the road...

Take it! Apologies to Yogi Berra, but that's good advice! I recently sold a chrome Tange fork to a C&Ver and that sale prompted another member to ask if I had forks for sale. Yes, I do have a few. The first up is a Specialized that Jetthin has dibs on, but if he declines it's on the block (or in the road). the details on this are:

tomato red paint, sloping external-socket crown with "S" logo engraved in tops, forged unbranded forkends, 182mm of steerer and about 35mm of threading. the condition of paint is so-so, some scratches/scrapes and a small bit of rust on the tips of the crown and on the ends, Allen head recessed brake bolt and has 27.0 crownrace.. This may have come off an Allez or a Sirus frame. pix below

He also inquired about forks for a different project needing 210mm of steerer which I don't have but DO have a different Specialized fork (red) and a Nishiki fork (yellow) but both have 200mm steerers. Pix of these will follow soon.

I will update this as to whether it's available or sold, AND the price, plus with pix of my other forks and those this space!

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