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Originally Posted by btppberk View Post
Thanks for the ideas, Skidder. I'm not quite sure I follow you about why do the SART if its kinda boring?

Any idea when Pendelton will start issuing permits again? Not until we have a vaccine?
SART - Ride it at least once just to get a 'perspective' so you know what its like if you see news reports about it. Example: There was a large homeless encampment along it next to Angel Stadium in Anaheim a few years ago, and anyone outside the are might not have known where it was. You can get some type of a workout on it if you keep up speed and take all the street underpasses aggressively, plus the afternoon 'on-shore' wind flow as you near the beach can be tough (headwinds of10mph, sometimes up to 20mph). I'd suggest starting and ending in Huntington Beach so you have a nice spot to begin/end, and there are plenty of neighborhoods to park in around HB. ey teamYou also pass Angel Stadium (Angels baseball team),the Honda Center (Anaheim Ducks hockey team), and go by the oddly round shaped Amtrak station between the two.

Camp Pendelton - Not sure when it'll go back to easy access for bicyclists, its up to the base commander and I'll bet a lot rests of COVID-19's spread and the latest terrorist 'intell' from around the world. If you didn't want to go Amtrak through the base you could ride the shoulder of I-5 (I wouldn't recommend it).
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