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Wahoo Elemnt Bolt create custom workout plans, FTP Ramp Test

This is what I did, not what you should do. Attempt at your own risk.

This post assumes you have a Wahoo Elemnt Bolt (bike computer, a Kickr (trainer) capable of ERG mode, and an understanding of connecting/operating the two together. Think of it as crib notes and not a full "how to" video.
BTW ERG mode is where the bike Computer (or software) can control the resistance of the trainer to force a power level, "X" watts.
You pedal slow, the resistance is high to achieve "X" watts. You pedal fast, the resistance is low to achieve the same "X" watts.

I've another 1 month FTP test coming this week.
If you've been reading this Blog you will know that my FulGaz FTP testing has been a frustrating issue.
I'm inexperienced at FTP testing, Pacing myself through the FulGaz 20min FTP test has proven impossible for me.
This is made worse by FulGaz attempting to "make me a better outside cyclist" by varying the resistance during the FTP test.
This is making me concentrate on pacing, power and gear changes all through the test.
If I get the pacing wrong and go too hard, I blowup and fail the test. No FTP number is achieved. FFrustrating, you bet!
In an attempt to not blowup during the test, I arrive at the top with gas in the tank, resulting in a low FTP #.
Hey I got a number, but this low FTP number is then used to set how strenuous the next months training will be. See the problem.
My training level is hampered by my inability to pace.

I'd rather be able to concentrate on just pedaling, Rather than power, pace, how the hill has changed and why am I in the wrong gear... again!
IMHO an FTP test is not the time to hone real world skills.

8min FTP test - Requires you to produce two blocks of power and ideally keep them with 10% of each other. So we are pacing again.
20min FTP Test - Requires pacing for the entire 20min period.
FTP Ramp Test - Requires you to meet a slowly increasing ERG controlled power figure until you blowup in about 12mins.
You pedal... until you can't pedal. WOW... sounds like it fits within my skill set, especially the last part.

My Wahoo Elemnt Bolt is designed to download Workout Plans like the FTP Ramp Test from paid 3rd party providers.
My provider FulGaz does not have an FTP Ramp Test (as of 07/27/20) so how do I get me one of those? Ideally without throwing money at another subscription.

Wahoo Elemnt Bolt creating custom workout plans (FTP Ramp Test)
1. Go to zwofactory and build a .zwo file for the FTP Ramp Test. Be sure to click the cog and set the FTP to 100W, I'll explain why in a min.
Like all good cooking shows, HERE is one I placed in the oven earlier. <Yes the zwofactory website allows you to save your plan as a URL.
BF is known to munge complex URL's from time to time, hence the simple TinyURL link above.
Download the .zwo file you created. EDIT: zwofactory does permit saving your workout directly as .erg file.

2. Go to whatsonzwift and convert the .zwo file to a .erg file. Once again be sure to set the FTP to 100W (yes I know I still need to tell you why, give me a min.)
The ramp is displayed and to the right you can download the converted file in .erg format.
EDIT: zwofactory does permit saving your workout directly as .erg file.

3. With the Bolt powered off, connect it to a PC with USB, then power on the Bolt.
It will appear like its a Thumb Drive. Open the "USB storage" folder ... open the "plans" folder.
Copy your .erg file to the plans folder.
Power off the Bolt and disconnect the USB cable. I pulled the cable with the Bolt ON and froze up the Bolt. I had to do a soft reset... (Hold pwr button for 10sec). Oooops

4. Turn on the now USB disconnected Bolt.
Go to the Menu and select "PLANNED WORKOUTS".
Scroll to the top of the workout list, then hit the "Sync" button at the bottom of the screen. This step will find your Ramp Test file and add it to the list of Workouts.
Your workout missing from the list? Yes, the bolt may claim to have Sync'ed 2 mins ago. Trust me on this one, do the manual Sync.

IMPORTANT - This Ramp Test workout will only work for an FTP of ~100W unless you follow the next steps. (why we set the FTP to 100W previously, here it comes)
Scroll down the workout list and when you get to your Ramp Test click the "Info" button.
Click the "100%" button and scale the workout to your estimated FTP#. This way you should still blowup at about 12mins (22min if you include the warm-up).
Example, if your FTP is 155W, scale to 155% and hit the "Back" button.
Now click "Select" and "enjoy" your FTP Ramp Test. Don't forget to Start/Pause/End the test on the Bolt.

Once you complete the test, go to the "History" function, Scroll down your result and the Bolt will tell you the best 1min power you achieved.
Take 75% of this number and that is your estimated FTP. Example, if 1min power = 200w then estimated FTP = 0.75 x 200W = 150w

If you decide to try this, please do let me know.
If you are able to improve on this process or post, please do let me know.
All I could find during my internet searches were dead ends, I was very surprised to find out this worked and wonder if others get the same favorable results.



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