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Originally Posted by jjames1452 View Post
I use my Camelback, and carry the pump there. It did not seem like you were keen on that idea.
This way, one water bottle on the frame serves as the emergency water.

I also like the idea of asking my wife to meet me every 35 miles on my next long ride.
She could bring not only water, but fresh fruit, granola, etc. Maybe foot massages.
She is stoked about my having 5 bikes in the garage instead of the two I am allowed to have. I think she will be supportive of being my personal SAG.
I explained it is not really 5 bikes. Two are legitimately there. One is to be repaired. One is my work bike I need to take to my office.
And my Tempo is just my......I forgot why the Tempo didn't count. But it didn"t.

Best of luck!!
Well, it was just the Tallerico, but I quickly needed a nice steel Voodoo for gravel. The Spectrum just sort of materialized, and I'm not quite sure how long the mountain bike was there before she noticed. Between the Burley and like 42 strollers, I felt ok about it. I probably won't add another without buying a bigger house.

Her relationship with my cycling is tentative. Fortunately, I'm currently fast enough that I can get home in time to be of some help, depending on the wind.
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