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Originally Posted by Leisesturm View Post
I guess you can't imagine that it could have been the kids fault, in part, or in total. Or maybe it was just one of those situations that are just tragic. The facts are very thin on the ground in that story. Way too little there to justify your reaction.
Most articles are written as if the motor vehicle was under it's own control and did not have a driver. The original version of this story clearly said "was struck by a delivery driver". And then the article is changed to blame the truck for the collision. I guess you cannot ever imagine that some stories can be written with straight english noting that a delivery truck is in fact controlled by a driver.

You should note my post made no claims of who was at fault. Even if the driver of the truck hits the cyclist, there may be fault with the cyclist, but you just want to deride other posters without any real basis.
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