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Originally Posted by embankmentlb View Post
I believe in those days tandem groups were just combinations of the regular road cranks. I have seen 7700 cranks done that way for tandem use.
No, it's not that simple. Using standard crankarms, the threading for the pedals would be incorrect for all but the drive side, stoker crankarm. The pedals would tend to loosen and you'd have to Loctite them. In this case particular case, they are quill pedals with a definite left and right pedal, so to fit in standard crankarms, you'd also have to swap the axles for all but the drive side stoker pedal.

I have all the Shimano catalogues for 1st generation Dura-Ace, except two, and I don't recall tandem sets being mentioned. The only catalogues in which I can recall seeing specific mention of tandem cranksets are TA and Stronglight.

More likely, given the small production runs for a tandem, a special order was placed by the tandem manufacturer through their local Shimano division. The back of the crankarms should have dual letter date codes which will allow us to determine the year, at which point we can double check the appropriate catalogue.
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