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Originally Posted by Markeologist View Post
I have the Specialized tandem cranksets on my 86 Rodriguez
Ah, too bad your Rodriguez isn't a couple years older -- I made them up until summer '84. They were not as good after I left. Yes that's a pretty blatant brag, but it's true, the guys who were making the frames were less experienced after Glenn Erickson and I moved on. (You know Rodriguez didn't make them himself, right?) Much later, Dennis Bushnell was the frame boss there, and he is awesome, but your '86 is in the "valley" between me and him.
Originally Posted by Markeologist View Post
Iíll ride it this way for a bit while I search for a Gen 1 Dura Ace drive side side crank...maybe find a triple-mod version off a Santana....
If you want, I can drill a D-A crank to triplize it for you. I can do 86 mm BCD just like those Santana cranks -- but I'd recommend 6 mm threaded holes in the spider, not the 5 mm through-bolts that Santana used. I don't trust 5 mm to be strong enough for a tandem.

But drilling and tapping holes isn't really necessary anymore -- you can just use a triplizer chainring such as those made by TA, Willow, FSA and others. I like this one, made by Stronglight, which looks great, partly because it's "hidden" behind the spider arms -- you hardly see it from the right. Downside is it requires you to saw off the 5 little "shelves" on the backside of the spider arms -- basically turning it into a track crank, know what I mean? I'm good at sawing those shelves off, if you want to send it to me, but a clever home-handyman can manage it, if you have a vise and some skillz. All the other triplizer chainrings, that go on without removing the shelves, have to bypass (go around) the shelves somehow, which makes them more visible from the right -- more "busy" looking. (There's no downside functionally though, I'm only talking about looks)

Here's my wife's '85 D-A 7400 crank with the Stronglight triplizer:

Mark B
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