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Good morning Jacek,

I hope you are well. I know you have seen this frame when it was listed, and I've mentioned it in passing before, but did not confirm it was me that won it for fear of cursing it before I had it in my hands. A virus threw the world into chaos, and so I only received this yesterday after purchasing it in February. It has been a very long and nervous wait, but it arrived all safe and well.

It appears to be one of the near mythical chromed Reynolds 753 Merckx frames. I have never seen this colour scheme before but love it, does this colour scheme have an official name? I've just been calling it a green camo scheme, but would like to know if this scheme has a proper name.

I have had a good look down the fork steerer which has no spiral ribbing. And I have had a feel around the inside of the seat tube at the bottom bracket and there are no spirals there either, unlike my 85 Pro SLX Team Panasonic which has these spirals.

My Panasonic has the flat bottomed rear brake bridge, but this new frame has the arched bottom version.

Here is a pic of the bottom bracket markings

Does that make this frame from 1988? Frame measures 60cm CTT seat tube with a 58cm TT which accounts for the '6' on the BB. I assume this is about as large as frames made in 753 ever got. It is in amazingly good condition, it has only one or two chips in the paint but otherwise in amazing condition for a 30+ year old Merckx.

I also removed the fork to check if there was any labels on the steerer for you to inspect, but there was no label, or any trace of it ever having had a label that I could see. The only markings on the fork steerer are the number stampings which match those on the BB, so it seems at least this is the original fork for the frame.

I'd welcome any more thoughts or info you have, thanks.
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