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Originally Posted by canopus View Post
Looks like a 34 large cog in the rear... and a 7s freewheel. Is it a 34t cog? Is it friction or indexed? It looks like the derailleur can't handle the cog. Looks like the wheel is shoved all the way forward also. You could try pulling the rear wheel back in the dropout (see where the previous QR marks are?) to see it that gives your large cog some clearance from the pulley. Also try what andrewclaus suggested, loosen the cable and try to manually move the derailleur through the shifts, If you can move it manually through the shifts then you can look at the cable and shifter to see if it pulls enough to move the shifter. Look at the B screw and see where it is on the mount and if it makes a difference when adjusted while the cable is loose.
Good catch on the tire being all the way forward.....I never thought about that...I had switched to a larger 26 inch wheel to see if it would fit and never gave a thought about where it was sitting before or after....I will take a look at it first thing in the morning....probably the I had not noticed it occurring before I started messing with it. As for the other questions...I haven't a clue...I could count the teeth...but I will have do a little terminology research to get up to speed on the rest. I'm pretty sure all the parts are factory....the cable shroud does have a nick in it from the previous owner moving the seat and catching it, it seems. If it is the tire too far forward, I will rectify it and then start some cleaning and maintenance on the cable systems. replace, clean and could use some love and cleaning.....Thank you for the prompt response.

**Edit. I took another look at it. The tire has to be forward, or the brake calipers engage on the tire...the shoes are slid as far down as possible. When I picked it up from the LBS after getting tires and tubes...that is what happened on my test ride...they did not check it...So, I moved the tire forward so I have rear brakes...loosened the the derailleur assembly, tilted it down, moved the B screw in...then tightened it down...I now have all but the highest of the gears working....I have adjusted and readjusted the screws till I'm leaving a puddle of sweat in the garage. The other problem with long recumbents is how to lift them for maintenance....this one involves adjustments, lift the rear, hold the steering with your thigh, spin the pedals. I have most of the gears working again and brakes. I never use the top ones anyway...I just wanted it all to work 100 percent as designed. I will be replacing the cables and doing a thorough cleaning and lubing (there very well may be some crud keeping it from moving freely)...but in the mean time...I will ride it and enjoy it. I alternate between this and the MTB to change up the ride. Thank you again for the advice.

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