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Hondo, I saw something quite similar... when crossing the country in early March.

This was out west somewhere... don't think it was Texas as I stayed off I20 in Texas to avoid Midland/Odessa area, I was on the way from Ft Worth, after seeing family there.. Might have been near El Paso though, or 100 miles west thereof. Bearing in mind that most other states/stops were like ghost towns... I pulled into this station right off the interstate... and people were just hanging around, eating whatever fast food the place offered and talking up a storm... and again, this was when every other stop felt like the "Twilight Zone." I waited a few minutes, no cars were moving from the pumps I could get into with my trailer rig... so I just hightailed it outta there.

Almost across the highway, and and a slight bit further, was the now familiar ghost town "Twilight Zone" scene of nobody around. I pulled in, gassed up and left... feeling cleaner for not having stayed and pumped at that other station.

I never went into gas station restrooms on my trip. I was hauling an RV trailer and that was my safe zone. RV places would leave the paperwork outside, and the transactions all took place via phone. If it were not for the phone and internet, back in March, the only other human contact I had was seeing the few long haul truckers on the otherwise empty roadways. It was an eerie trip. Only just east of Mobile and in Yuma, did I see any people in large numbers.... and I scooted right through those areas quickly.

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