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Originally Posted by Plainsman View Post
FWIW, I also ride a CR1 (great bike, 2014). My only knock on it is the narrow tire clearance. Mine came with 25s on the stock set of wheels, and they rolled fine (Vittoria). I bought some Conti GP4000 25s, and put them on a set of Boyd wheels (wider rim profile), and they rubbed. Went back to 23s, which flare out closer to 25s on the Boyds. It all depends on the tire/rim combo you use. I would say also to check your chainstays after a couple of rides. They may roll smooth on a stand, but that doesn't count for the flex you get while riding on the road.

As far as gearing goes. My prior road bike was set up with a 12-27 in the back (Ultergra 6600), and a 50/34 compact in the front. You can do some pretty good climbing on that. If you are looking to do a wider range 10 speed cassette, SRAM makes a 12-32 cassette, which is what I'm currently running. You can switch out your RD for a Shimano 105 series 5700 GS derailleur which will by default handle the 32 tooth cassette, and can be found online new right now for less than $50. You can also install a Mircoshift RD, which has a large capacity as well. Otherwise the CR1 frames are still light, stiff, and both climb and accelerate well. Good luck!
Thanks for the feedback.

Another follow up: got the bike back after a full overhaul, all cables, brake pads, headset bearings, chain and cassette replaced.
The shifting is much improved as is the braking between the new cables and kool stop brake pads.

They installed an 11-32 Shimano, probably a Tiagra. It shifts well and there doesnít seem to be any issues using the 32t with the standard 6600 rear derailleur. Iíve been hitting more of the hills on Vashon Island and was able to pedal seated on many of the sections Iíve previously only been able to grind out standing up. The 32t is probably a bit overkill but the shop couldnít get an Ultegra 11-28 until September.

We rose the Ride the Hurricane in Port Angeles over the weekend and there were a few sections where spinning a 28t cog was preferable to the 25t even though it rarely gets above 7%. The only negative was my fiancťís electronic shifting stopped working so she had to do the whole 18 mile climb in a 21t cog.

Upshot is that the gearing works and at least GP5000ís fit in 25s. I still really enjoy riding this bike although the styling is a bit dated.
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