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Finally have some pix of the long tall French fork (might be a Motobecane, this TBD). It has some serious rust spots but I soaked this in something like oxalic acid so the rust is just rough and gray. I shot to highlight these lowlights...Has the classic deep low bend and what I'm calling a Vagner crown but may be some other (formed/welded chevron top) make. No idea what brand the blades are; the heavy stamped ends have a single eyelet and the serial number on the RH outer face of one says 310C1 or CI, not a clue for me. 235mm of steerer, of which 35mm is FR threading with the back-flat-filed (not notched).I confess I did not check if this is for 27" or 700C wheel but will get that detail and update. I think there will be such a small audience for this fork I will just say "make an offer" at this point...Pix ahoy:

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