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Originally Posted by jj1990 View Post
...I think I found the serial number: "Made in Italy BR.N.22201 B/75"...
That is not the serial number, as it's the finishing piece for roll of handlebar bar that has been used as a chainstay protector. The serial number is typically stamped into the frame, with the most common location being on the underside of bottom bracket shell (i.e. where the crankarms attach to the frame).

Originally Posted by jj1990 View Post
I saw a gan well frame from 1992 selling for $400. Would it be safe to assume that this frame is worth at least $300?
That $400 price is likely for a Gan Well NJS track frame. The frame on this bicycle would be nowhere near $300.

Knowing where you reside would greatly aid the members in providing a valuation.
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